Sexual Heroes

S5E6 Paul Rosenberg: The Heart of Jacks

June 20, 2022 Robert Black Season 5 Episode 6
Sexual Heroes
S5E6 Paul Rosenberg: The Heart of Jacks
Show Notes

Adult content.


I am Robert Black and you are listening to Sexual Heroes. Paul Rosenberg is a writer, production designer, singer and community organizer in Seattle, Washington.

In 2005, Paul founded Rain City Jacks.The club’s mission is to "promote and facilitate group masturbation for adult men, expand our individual sexual awareness, celebrate the basic goodness of our sexual impulse, and build a culture of mutual respect and dignity among our fellows."

Paul hosts The Heart of Jacks  podcast, and he is writing a similarly titled book. Both the podcast and the book explore and celebrate masturbation and the history of jack-off clubs, a little-known and little-understood thread running through the fabric of Western culture almost completely unseen.

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