Sexual Heroes

S4E2 Countdown of Bad Brohaviors

November 01, 2021 Robert Black Season 4 Episode 2
Sexual Heroes
S4E2 Countdown of Bad Brohaviors
Show Notes

Adult content.


In this episode I’m joined by three of my masturbation ("bate") brothers to discuss the outcome of a recent survey I posted on Twitter. I asked men in the bate scene to describe behavior they’ve encountered from other bators that is not cool.

Mike, well  known in the bate community as SFNaturalMuscle, was a guest in episode six of the first season of Sexual Heroes. That episode has been wildly popular. Since then he’s gone on to create content for OnlyFans ( Follow him on Twitter @SFNatural.

BeastlyBator was another popular guest for episode eight of season three on Sexual Heroes. This "batefluencer," masturbation advocate, contributing author for The Bator Blog (hosted by, and sex-coach-in-training has a podcast of his own titled, "The Bate Escape." Follow him on Twitter @BeastlyBator.

Adam Surge is joining Sexual Heroes for the first time. His twitter bio reads PhD, B8R, video editor, burlesquer, and award-winning cumguzzler. You can find Adam on OnlyFans ( and (Justfor.Fans/AdamSurgeXXX). Follow him on Twitter @AdamSurgeXXX.

One link to find them all: