Sexual Heroes

S4E4 CagedJock: Creativity Beyond Chastity

November 15, 2021 Robert Black Season 4 Episode 4
Sexual Heroes
S4E4 CagedJock: Creativity Beyond Chastity
Show Notes

Adult content.

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CagedJock is an adult actor and model based in New York City. He chose his name when Tumblr was the vehicle for posting content depicting his interest in sports gear and chastity. Now, with the same moniker, he has a big fan base on platforms like OnlyFans, Justfor.Fans, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, with nearly 200K followers. CagedJock ( CJ) is extremely proud of himself for his unique contribution to the world of BDSM, and for making the entertainment world more diverse by showcasing the beauty of Asian males. He is pleased to be part of a new breed of adult models that don’t fit the status quo.
Advice on Chastity Cages

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